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When does one individual’s “Right” trump everyone else’s “Rights”?

When does one individual’s “Right” trump everyone else’s “Rights”? Kenneth E Kolk, AB, MA, M.Ed The Radical Right {generally ardent Trump supporters] claim they have a “Right” to “Individual Freedom” which guarantees that they and their children do not have to wear facemasks, be vaccinated, maintain social distancing, or abide by any other regulations thatContinue reading “When does one individual’s “Right” trump everyone else’s “Rights”?”

On The National Debt

What is the National Debt and who is it owed to . . . . When we look at the National Debt we feel we are facing a mountain that we will never be able to knock down. However, part of the national debt would continue to exist if the government was ever able toContinue reading “On The National Debt”

On Capitalism and Fair Taxation

Since Ronald Reagan first became and he asked Grover Norquist, to found the Americans for tax Reform, dedicated to reducing the amount of taxes the wealthiest Americans and American corporations have to pay, ending the Entitlement Programs (Social Security and Medicare), destroying the Social Safety Net benefits (Unemployment Benefits, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Housing Assistance Programs)Continue reading “On Capitalism and Fair Taxation”

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